About Leaf & Chick

My name is Jessica and I'm thrilled you've found us and I hope you enjoy what Leaf & Chick has to offer!

For me, succulents are a beautiful, rewarding hobby, and a relaxing distraction. The aim of Leaf & Chick is to showcase their beauty through original photography and designs on useful items, jewelry and gifts. I attended school for both graphic design and also photography; so combining the two with my love for succulents seemed only natural.

Leaf & Chick is a Canadian, family owned and run business. Although it is my direct endeavour, I've included my talented family to help with product design and production. My sister, Emily, and our mother Susan, are the talented seamstress and pattern makers for our sewn products. We truly hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

photo collage of Leaf & Chick at market and makers; Emily left and Jessica right.

During the warm mailing months, I offer leaves for propagation and succulent cutting boxes; spreading the succulent love across Canada. This typically spans late April to late October. 

All photography incorporated into the designs is original and from my personal succulent collection. All of the fabric is custom and exclusive to Leaf & Chick. Each product is photographed, designed, printed and handcrafted in Ontario Canada. 

We believe in supporting the creative, handmade market as well as making the green choice wherever available in our business. Limiting our environmental impact is an important goal of Leaf & Chick. Our packaging and mailers are made from recycled materials and /or fully recyclable. We strive to use zero single-use plastics, and make quality products that will last. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Reach out if you have any questions - happy shopping!