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  • jumble of leaf selection to grow your own
  • a variety of succulent leaves
  • bulk succulent leaves are packed in a secure box for safe shipping from Leaf & Chick
  • an image of 3 succulent leaves as an example of how to grow fresh new succulents from Leaf & Chick
  • a variety of leaves to propagate new plants from Leaf & Chick
  • example of 20 succulent leaves to grow your own collection from Leaf & Chick
  • 20 bulk succulent leaves to grow your own from Leaf & Chick
  • 20 succulent leaves to grow your own
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Leaf and Chick

20 BULK Succulent Leaves | Grow Your Own

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*** The last day to order for the 2023 season will Monday October 16th. We will resume early spring, 2024 ***

Included in this BULK succulent leaf bundle will be a minimum of twenty (20) leaves in an assortment of species I have verified grow well by leaf. Included will be beautiful varieties of Echeveria, Graptosedum, Sedeveria, Graptopetalum, and Graptoveria. Only available for Canadian customers.

This bundle includes:
-20+ succulent leaves, medium to large
-Easy to follow instructions
-FREE Shipping by oversized letter mail in Canada

This listing will be a surprise growers bundle; I will ensure the leaves are healthy and there is a variety. However, this bulk leaf offering will not be labelled. They will be packed loosely and wrapped in a secure mailing box. If growing a surprise mix of unknown varieties is not appealing to you, the Beginner Leaves or Premium Bundles under the ‘Grow Your Own Succulents’ section will be available soon.

I will update and add appropriate quantities throughout the season. I always expect some to not travel well so there will be a few extras added. Instructions with propagation tips will be included. 

Leaves will be taken from succulents I know propagate well by leaf. Please note; with propagations there are no guarantees as environment and nature play a role. I am a personal grower with a vast collection and years of experience. Follow along on Instagram so you will be notified when more leaves are ready. Leaf propagation is so much fun and exciting even though it can be a slow process. It has definitely taught me patience, and the process is delightfully rewarding.

The free shipping included in the listing price is for oversized letter mail. This takes on average 5-10 days in Canada. I mail leaves frequently and they are perfectly fine in transit that long- some may even surprise you with roots and babes starting when they arrive!

You can expect your order to be sent out within 2-3 days of ordering.

Leaves and cuttings will only be offered seasonally to Canadian customers. To learn more about Leaf & Chick, the process and what matters to us, visit our About section.