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  • a variety of 40 succulent cuttings
  • colourful succulent cutting value bundle
  • 40 succulent cuttings by Leaf & Chick
  • 40 succulent cuttings ready to plant
  • 40 succulent cuttings boxed and ready to ship
  • a fresh variety of succulent cuttings
  • 40 succulent cuttings by Leaf & Chick
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Leaf and Chick

40+ Succulent Cuttings

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Get ready to add some personality to your plant collection with this 40 Succulent Cuttings bundle! These little beauties are healthy, vibrant, and just waiting to be planted. Each bundle includes a minimum of 40 pieces, sized small to medium, all lovingly grown and cared for. Limited quantities available for our Canadian succulent fans, so don't wait!

What is a cutting? A cutting is a grown succulent that has no roots. It has been clipped and will re-root where you choose to plant it. Cuttings are often used when making arrangements as they are much easier to work with. It's one of the many reasons I absolutely adore succulents! They will start to form roots within 2-3 weeks. Your cuttings will be fully calloused on arrival and ready to group in arrangements as you wish.
Photos in this listing are examples of what you will receive. They are not the exact plants as each bundle will be fresh and slightly different. Included will be beautiful varieties of Echeveria, Graptosedum, Crassula, Sedeveria, Graptopetalum, Sempervivum & Kalanchoe. 

What you will receive:
-40+ cuttings of live succulent, small to medium
-printed instructions on care along with a list of known names

Unlike many of my other listings, the succulent cuttings are too big to travel via letter mail and will need to be sent as a parcel. I've set shipping to Xpresspost (2 days) and shipping will be calculated at checkout according to where you live as it varies across Canada.

Yes, you can expect a few leaves to fall off during travel; this is completely normal and to be expected. The varieties that might loose leaves are the same that will propagate, so be sure to keep them. Strings of things and Sempervivum will not prop via a single leaf, but they travel well without issue. Also, cuttings will use the energy stored in a few of the bottom leaves during the rooting process; this is also normal.

In addition to printed instructions with best practices, a list of known names will be included. They will not be individually labelled, but a quick internet search with the given scientific name will make it clear who is who.
Please note; with live plants there are no guarantees as environment and nature play a role. I am a personal grower with a vast collection and years of experience.

Follow my succulent journey on InstagramPlanting cuttings are a beginner friendly activity anyone can enjoy.

You can expect your order to be sent out within 2-3 days of ordering. 
Leaves and cuttings will only be offered seasonally to Canadian customers. To learn more about Leaf & Chick, the process and what matters to us, visit our About section.